Our Medical Doctors are experts in the field of adult ADHD, and will work with you to build an evidence-based, individualized treatment strategy that best fits your needs. This comprehensive approach encompasses treatment recommendations for:

  • Prescription Medications (Typically the primary treatment for adult ADHD)
  • Sleep & biorhythms
  • Healthy diet & exercise
  • Natural supplements

Our medically based approaches are overseen by adult ADHD experts Zaakir Yoonas, MD and Lawrence Choy, MD.  Additionally, we have partnered with Genomind to offer genetic testing (saliva-based), helping to guide personalized medication selection and optimize treatment outcomes.

We also provide patients with coaching and therapy to tackle your adult ADHD if you desire. The body of research on ADHD shows that treatment is most effective when medication is combined with skills training and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Our approach has been very effective for people ranging from tech professionals, business leaders, and attorneys, to athletes, medical professionals, and even stay at home parents.

Reach out today to explore how you can use a range of biological approaches to create change in your life.

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