Adult ADHD and the Effect on Relationships

Adult ADHD whether diagnosed or undiagnosed can have a profound impact on couples. Intimate relationships are hard work without the presence of a psychiatric or psychological disorder. When a disorder like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is present, the strain on the relationship or marriage can often be unbearable.

In the absence of clear techniques, knowledge, and skills for navigating the challenges of adult ADHD, people can become resentful. Often people will attribute the struggles they are having with their partner to personality or spite. In fact, one of the most common complaints we see here at our ADHD clinic in the Silicon Valley is a strain on relationships.

The strain that ADHD can place on couples is often replicated in the workplace. Co-Founders, business partners, leaders and employees can often find themselves in very difficult situations due to lack of understanding and adequate tools to address ADHD in the workplace.

Regardless of the approach that is taken to manage adult ADHD, the first step is information. Knowledge around how common symptoms of ADHD manifest in couples and co-workers is critical. Unfortunately, the majority of adults with ADHD are living their lives undiagnosed and struggling. The good news is that proper assessment and treatment of ADHD combined with couples counseling can greatly improve one’s quality of life.