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Elite Focus Clinic was founded by three of Silicon Valley’s top adult ADHD and cognitive performance experts. The goal of our clinic is to provide cutting edge medical and psychological approaches for the management of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in adults. We also work with professionals who do not have ADHD, and who strive to reach optimal mental performance in their professional and personal lives.

For those pursuing assessment or treatment of ADHD, we utilize a rigorous assessment protocol that provides for the most accurate results possible. When treating people with ADHD we utilize equally rigorous processes ranging from medication management, coaching, therapy, nutrition, and genetic testing.

For those pursuing optimal cognitive performance in the absence of ADHD, we utilize dietary and sleep recommendations alongside proven therapeutic and coaching methods. These techniques can be extremely powerful in helping people reach their goals in demanding environments, whether in professional or personal settings.

We encourage you to contact us today, to explore how our techniques may be of help to you or someone you care about. We are conveniently located in Los Altos serving adults with ADHD throughout the Bay Area.

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Phone: 650-980-5015